El papá de Ryan García le manda mensaje a Pitbull Cruz

Henry Garcia, coach and father of Ryan Garcia, he replied to the father of Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz and asked that they be careful what they ask for.

“Be careful what you ask for, because you do not know my son,” he replied in an interview with ESNEWS. “My son has been this for many years, since he was seven years old, he is very tall. It’s not like Tank davis, which was an inch or two ahead of him. Ryan he is tall, he has power in his fists. And when your hand is healthy, be careful what you ask for ”.

After the fight on December 5 between Gervonta davis Y Pitbull cross the exchange between the Mexican and Ryan, who stated that Isaac He was a class C boxer.

“The audience is behind him, he had a great performance,” he said. Henry about the fight that he carried out Pitbull to Gervonta and that was applauded by the public in the Staples Center. “Let’s do it, let’s get fireworks.”

Because it is a fight that both parties are interested in, they began with the talks and will seek to reach an agreement to fight when the right hand of Ryan is 100% healthy.

“When Ryan is at 100% and it will be at 100% at the beginning of the following year, I guarantee knockouts, guarantee ”, he revealed Henry. “Because I know my son more than anyone. Anyone who stands in front of it is going to fall ”.

The only time he fought Ryan in 2021 it was January 2 before Luke campbell. Although he was sent to the canvas for the first time in the second round, he recovered and scored a knockout with a liver hook in the seventh round.

Now they consider that a good return match for Ryan Garcia would be against Pitbull cross for all circumstances.

“Be careful what you ask for,” he said. Henry Garcia. “We are more than willing to send the contract.”