Jake Paul y Dana White

The YouTuber Jake paul offered to retire from boxing to fight in the UFC in view of Jorge Masvidal Yes Dana White, president of the promoter, accepts the requests he made in favor of mixed martial arts fighters.

“Happy New Year, Dana”Began the tweet of Jake. “Here I have a real challenge for you, I will retire from boxing immediately and fight with Masvidal on the UFC if you accept this.

  • * Increase to 50 thousand dollars the minimum payment to the fighters (currently it is 12 thousand).
  • * Guarantee the fighters 50% per year of the winnings of UFC (1 billion in 2021).
  • * Provide long-term medical care to all fighters. There are many expellers who have said they suffered brain damage.

Jake He put a five-day limit on her to accept his offer and offered to undergo anti-doping controls if Dana finally accepts the offer.

“You have five days to accept and implement this from March 31, 2022,” he explained. “Once you do, I will retire from boxing, enter the protocols of USED And I will fight once against the fragile chin of Jorge“.

Paul He has fought five fights as a professional in boxing and although he never faced boxers, he managed to knock out two fighters of the UFC What Ben askren Y Tyron woodley.

The lawsuit between Jake Paul and Dana White

So much Paul What White They have engaged in a war of declarations, after Jake repeatedly questioned that Dana was not paying his fighters enough and accused him of using cocaine.

Given this, the president of the UFC He responded with a video on social networks where he urged him to take anti-doping tests, since he has the feeling that Paul has been using steroids.

JakeYou never answered my challenge, ”he said. “I don’t use cocaine and I could be tested in the next 10 years and it wouldn’t be positive. I think you are a cheater and you use steroids, I want to give you a random test for two years ”.

About the conditions, White expressed that they are the product of the desperation of Paul not being a star of the PPV.

“Nobody thinks you wrote that, we all know you are stupid,” he said. “His manager used to be an accountant at my company and I think he’s a garbage bag. If you don’t like what we do, go and make your company, you can’t sell PPV. You call Masvidal or (Nate) Diaz or (Conor) McGregor or (Mike) Tyson because they are superstars of PPV, you are not”.

After the video of White, Jake He replied: “I said I would accept your conditions, I don’t take steroids. Dude, I’m just a little fat. If you test me, I want that test on all your fighters. Stop ruining my vacation. You have been caught with cocaine and prostitutes for other weeks and I think that with all the money you have you should fix that forehead with some operations, friend “.