Tom Brady regrets the way Antonio Brown leaves Buccaneers

Tom Brady was key in getting Antonio Brown to Tampa Bay; now your friend is out of the team

Tom brady, quarterback of the Tampa bay buccaneers and close friend of Antonio Brown, lamented the way the relationship between the wide receiver and the team ended, describing it as “unfortunate.”

“Yes, it is obviously a difficult situation,” he said. Brady at their press conference after the Los Angeles’ comeback victory Buccaneers by 28-27 on New York Jets Week 17. “I think we all want him to just … I think everyone should find … hopefully everyone will do their best to help him in ways that he really needs.”

TO Brady It was noted that he had quite a hard time finding the right words to describe the relationship with Brown, with whom he initially shared a team when he was briefly on the squad of the New england patriots, in the 2019 campaign, when he appeared in only one game.

“I care deeply,” the quarterback continued. “We want to see him be his best. Unfortunately, it won’t be with our team. We have a lot of friendships that are going to last. The most important thing in football is the relationships with your friends and teammates, and those go beyond the field of play. I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic towards some very difficult things that are happening. “

At the end of the third period of the match against the Jets, and with Bucs at a disadvantage by 24-10, Brown he removed his shoulder pads and sweater, tossing them onto the bench. Afterwards, he took off his gloves and shirt, throwing them into the stands, as he went to the dressing room waving his hand in a gesture of farewell.

At the end of the game, the head coach of Tampa Bay, Bruce Arians, was very emphatic in stating that “It is no longer a Buc“.

Arians he asked reporters from his media conference to focus only on the players who “stayed until the end to win the game.”

Brown was one of two players signed by the Buccaneers last year, who had prior experience with Brady in the template New england, next to tight end Rob gronkowski.

Brown, signed in the middle of the season, was a key piece for the Bucs in the final stretch of the campaign and in the postseason to achieve the title of the Super Bowl LV. Missed the NFC Championship Game due to injury, but returned in time to participate in the victory of the Super bowl in front of Kansas city chiefs.