Browns ready for their last chance to beat Ben Roethlisberger

Cleveland wants to bid farewell in its own way to the Steelers quarterback, who could play his last game at Heinz Field

Myles garrett I was only 8 years old when Ben roethlisberger began his personal crusade of almost two decades before the Cleveland browns.

The ‘Big Ben’ has tormented the Browns, with a 24-2-1 record as a starter against that team since 2004, including a 12-0 record in the regular season at home.

“He is one of the greats,” he declared. Garrett, star defensive end of Cleveland.

And the quarterback of the Pittsburgh steelers will have one more chance – perhaps his last – to do more harm to Cleveland.

Although he has not officially announced it, Roethlisberger He said that “all the signs point to” that his party of the “Monday Night Football“before Browns it will be his last at Heinz Field. And that duel has potentially colossal playoff implications for both teams.

The fans of the Steelers They will have their “Terrible Towels” on hand to wipe away their tears. The Bronws, on the other hand, are not going to get sentimental this time.

“I just hope we can give him the right firing, in our own way,” defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said. “We want to win and try to stop it.”

The overwhelming dominance of Roethlisberger about Cleveland dates back to the 2004 draft. Back then, the Browns they bypassed the Ohio-born quarterback and preferred to acquire tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., with the sixth overall pick.

Since that day the decision has haunted the Browns, who spent years unsuccessfully searching for a quarterback who would be an emblem of the franchise. In fact, they still don’t know if they’ve found him with Baker Mayfield.

Everything that Roethlisberger has done since he came to Pittsburgh has been winning. He has 163 victories in the regular season, has passed for more than 60,000 yards, has won the Super Bowl twice, and has a resume that will enshrine him in the Hall of Fame, back in Ohio.

As they prepare to face him for the last time, in a duel in which they are forced to win, the Browns (7-8) showed respect to a rival who has spent his career mistreating them.

“It is definitely an honor to enter the field to face Ben. Roethlisberger, after observing it since I was a child, “he said Denzel Ward, corner of the Browns, selected to the Pro Bowl, who had two interceptions in his NFL debut against the ‘Big Ben’.