Esteban Bermúdez deberá unificar cinturones de la AMB con Hiroto Kyoguchi

Teams Esteban Bermúdez and of Hiroto kyoguchi They have until January 7 to present the signed contracts for their fight or the World Boxing Association could make decisions.

Bermudez, regular light fly monarch, and Kyoguchi, super champion of the AMB in the same division, they had a ten-day term. It was summoned on December 29 by the Championships Committee of the AMB, to present the signed contracts.

In addition, that fight ordered for almost seven months must take place before February 9, the date on which the 90-day period expires.

The Mexican was proclaimed world champion on May 28, 2021 after winning by technical knockout in six rounds at Carlos Cañizales.

After that, on June 10 the AMB ordered the fight with the Japanese. He gave them a month to negotiate. On August 18 he made another reminder with 10 days to negotiate.

Similarly, there was another reminder on October 20 asking for the contracts before ordering the auction, which would take place on November 12. However, a day before, Matchroom Boxing Y Greg Cohen Promotions, from Bermudez, announced an agreement and the auction was suspended.

Both fighters had until November 22 to submit the contracts, something that did not happen.

Finally, they were granted a courtesy until December 20, but on the 29th there was no news and one more reminder was sent.

Esteban Bermúdez and Hiroto Kyoguchi could lose their titles

According to the regulation, the AMB he could make decisions with the Mexican and Japanese and the title could be vacated.

Rule D15 states the AMB, “Says that if the champion does not sign a match contract within the required period of twenty (20) days after the award of the offer or refuses to participate in the match by the winning promoter, it will be considered that they violate these rules and your title may become vacant ”.

The Championships Committee of the AMB it could order a second auction, per rule D-16.

“If a qualified bid is not received in response to the first auction request or if the winning promoter or a boxer identified in the auction award does not comply with these rules, the Committee may request a second auction.”

“In the event of a title defense, if a second auction bid is not received, the president may vacate the title and the mandatory contender position.”