Kolisi's spectacular anecdote with Etzebeth shouting a goal in the Chelsea stadium

In his book Rise, Siya Kolisi revealed a fantastic anecdote with Eben Etzebeth in a soccer game between Chelsea Y Liverpool in 2015, after the Rugby World Cup in England that year.

South Africa, who had just lost to the All Blacks in the semifinal, defeated Los Pumas in the duel for third place and on October 31, the day of the grand final, they were free to enjoy the day.

The vast majority of players from the Springboks showed up at Twickenham to watch the final between New Zealand and Australia, but both Kolisi What Etzebeth they chose to go to the stadium of Chelsea, to enjoy the duel before him Liverpool, which ended with a 3-1 victory for the visiting team.

As recounted in his book Rise, the unmissable anecdote of Kolisi and Etzebeth, at the time of shouting Liverpool’s transitory equalizer goal:

“Some of the guys went to Twickenham to watch the 2015 RWC final between Australia and New Zealand, but Even and I had tickets to watch Liverpool play Chelsea. I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was a kid. This was the one. I saw them play for the first time, and I couldn’t wait. “

“The only downside was that the seats we had were among the Chelsea fans, and we knew enough to be aware that football crowds in England weren’t like rugby crowds. In rugby stadiums, rival fans they mix happily and there are never any signs of trouble. English football was different. “

“Whatever you do, they told us, don’t celebrate if Liverpool scores. You don’t have to jump in and pretend if Chelsea do, but don’t celebrate a goal against the home team. The fans don’t care about neutrals, but they do care about them. rivals “.

“Chelsea went 1-0 up at first, but shortly before the break Philippe Coutinho tied for Liverpool. Instinctively I jumped up and started screaming, like I did every time they scored when I was watching TV at home in Cape Town”.

“Hundreds of heads turned to look at me: Chelsea fans. Angry. Angry. Throwing insults at me. Eben stood next to me, 2.03m tall, and crossed his arms to make his biceps look bigger than they normally are. The screams faded into murmurs as the fans gradually sat back down. “

“We followed his example, and Eben leaned towards me:” Do that again and I will hit you myself, “Kolisi finished.