Laporta and the dream of Barcelona signing Haaland: "Everything is possible"

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta was ecstatic during the presentation of Ferran Torres and personalized the Spanish forward as “the example that Barcelona continues to be a reference in the world market because all the great players contemplate the possibility of coming to Barça”.

The Barça president did not want to give clues about the negotiations opened by the club, both in this winter market and in the future of summer, but when asked by Haaland he was concise: “Everything is possible. We have to work very well, in sporting parameters and economic, and we are progressing, it is working and everything is possible “.

In fact, and although without naming names, Laporta emphasized that the possible signing of Morata would not have to harm the future of the Norwegian forward because the club is working on “the emergencies of this season in which we want to win titles.

“We have become hooked on LaLiga again, we have the Cup this Wednesday with Linares, and then the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia and we are also in the Europa League. We want to respond to these immediate needs and the planned operations will already be announced when they occur because for the moment we are working with serenity and setting the tempo “.

“With Ferran Torres we presented a piece of a player. I really liked his desire to come and play for Barça because we want players like that, who want to come” emphasized the Barça president, who declared that at the club “we work to have a team competitive and we started with Ferran, who is fundamental for us and for Xavi, who gave all the support to the operation from the first moment “.

“With Ferran we have made an exception. We are working to have this salary margin and the next season is also planned, of course. The technical secretariat does not cease in its efforts to build a great team but it is clear that the winter market has other different conditions to the summer market “agreed Laporta, who resisted talking about specific names” because that does not benefit us and all it does is increase their value.

“We are working to strengthen ourselves now, in this market, and for the future as Barça should do … And everyone can prepare because Barça has returned; I perceive that the club has resurfaced and the signing of Ferran is the best example “.


“When we signed Ferran we already knew that we did not meet the salary limit and we assumed it”, acknowledged Mateu Alemany, director of football for the Barça club, who said that the objective is to register the Valencian forward “before Sunday. We are working on several routes and that is our forecast. “

“That there are more signings depends on the exits. With Ferran we have made an exception because it was worth it and the plan is to be able to make more incorporations if we make more exits” revealed Alemany, who made it clear that Dani Alves will be registered “between today and tomorrow because we do have the margin to do so. “

The leader did not want to extend or clarify many things regarding the Dembélé case, specifying that today “no meeting with his agents is scheduled and stating that the French player” already knows the position of the club.

“We have been talking with his agents for five months, they know Barcelona’s position, we have had a lot of patience, they know all the scenarios and we await their response to the offer we made. They know that we want him to stay and this cannot be delayed for long. more … We await a definitive answer to adopt the measures that are convenient for the club “, Alemany said.