Our wishes for the Dominican sport and its athletes in 2022

Capacity stadiums, multi-year contracts, better conditions for athletes, a technical director and more, is what we want for the sport of Quisquey in this new year

2021 is gone. A year full of news, achievements, stories and figures that left us. The fans returned to the fields and stadiums, and little did it seem that we were returning to “normality”.

But a new year is coming in which everything is expected to return to real normality. Where Covid-19 is not an impediment to attend a stadium at full capacity. Where players cannot do their job due to a protocol. Where we can fully enjoy sports.

At the national level, we want the Caribbean Series to be held from January 28 to February 3 in Santo Domingo is a total success. That there are no problems with the delegations of the invited countries that participate. That the public can fill the stadiums and enjoy a great event.

Although we do not eat cravings, we also wish that Juan Soto Y Vladimir Guerrero Jr. get the contracts that two of the most important figures in the major leagues deserve. Exciting players with thousands of fans, hoping to have another good season in which we wish to be a long career.

We hope that the successes continue for Marileidy paulino, the princess of the slopes who stole the hearts of an entire nation. But we also hope that there are many more ‘marileidys’, girls and women, who can find in sport a passion that will accompany them for life.

It is one of our greatest wishes that the local ball teams can solve their problems in ticket sales, that we advance as a league and place ourselves at the level of international franchises where digital predominates, as an additional benefit for the fanatic.

We also want basketball tournaments to be notable for the great spectacle offered on the court, full of competitiveness and talent, and not for a video to go viral where the “lawsuits” and fights are what can satisfy the curiosity of those who are out .

We also want football to continue advancing in our country, at the league level, where work is already underway to adapt spaces such as Parque del Este and others such as the Cibao Stadium where work is already underway.

But also that at the national team level, the best available talent continues to be brought together, but we want there to be a technical director in the absolute for a project that is at least in the medium term.

At the Olympism level, we want athletes to be able to receive more resources and aid, and that the diets or compensation of the leaders is not the main thing. That those federated who do not contribute new things, leave their positions and give way to generations that can have a more comprehensive vision and appropriate to the times.

In the NBA, we hope that the Dominicans continue to have good performances and that what has been shown by Chris duarte just be a portion of what is to come. May his health allow him to continue showing all the talent he has in the best league in the world.

We want it to be a year full of events, where brands can once again bet on the show to the delight of fans and that a sporting activity is not celebrated just because it is dedicated to a political figure.

All this and more, we wish for 2022 to be a year where all Dominicans celebrate and enjoy sport at its best. That we return to normality, and we can celebrate with hugs the triumph of our teams, or where we can mourn the failures together. We only wish that.