Sergio Parisse on current events in Italy: "We need continuity"

The current player of Toulon analyzed the present of the Italian team in the previous to the start of a new Six nations and provided insights on the international window played in November, as well as his fate once the contract with the French club ends.

We sit on the laurels of a generation that has stood for 15 years without thinking about the future. (…) You have tried or are trying to do your best. I do not make comparisons. The Academies were established because the clubs lacked the means and knowledge. They have borne fruit that are being questioned today“, said the third line about the institutional part of Italian rugby in a local environment.

According to the crisis in which the Azzurra, Parisse was blunt: “we need continuity and numbers to focus on in the long term. (…) The first objective must be the 2023 World Cup– Will serve as a stepping stone for the next decade, with players ages 26-29 leading the pack. “

Italy contested the november window against New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay, something in which the former University of La Plata put the magnifying glass. “As a spectator I saw interesting situations and others to improve. The defensive performance against the All Blacks perhaps gave an excess of confidence. With Argentina and Uruguay the difficulties were evident”, declared the platense. Italian nationalized, 38 years old.

Finally, she spoke about her life once she decides to hang up the booties. At the end of the season I will be without a contract, we’ll see. In May I will have the French coach diploma. (…) I would play until 45-46, but you have to know when to say enough. It doesn’t mean giving up, he concluded.