El encuentro entre Lennox Lewis y Riddick Bowe

Lennox Lewis Y Riddick bowe They decided to make amends after 35 years of rivalry in a historic moment that was recorded last Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Both expugilists were in the function of PBC headed by Luis Ortiz Y Charles martin, in which Lewis he was an analyst.

In one of the moments of the evening, Bowe He walked over to ringside and shook his hand. He asked him to put the rivalry aside, while Lennox he was very serious and reserved.

Later someone got up from the table, observed the moment that was happening and said that what was happening was historical.

“I want to be his friend, I wanted to tell him that everything should go away and no more tensions,” Riddick replied in an interview with the channel. Youtube ESNEWS. “I would say, Lennox we are big now, let’s be friends ”.

The rivalry between the two ex-boxers began in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. According to an anecdote told by Lewis to World Boxing News, Bowe He began in the Olympic joust to say that he was going to knock out Lewis and he went to look for him to warn him that he was going to meet him.

In the end, in the dispute for the gold medal, Lennox Lewis Y Riddick bowe collided. Lewis dominated and the referee decided to stop the confrontation, thus taking the gold medal.

In professional terms, their paths met again. When Bowe He was a heavyweight champion of the CMB, the body ruled that he had to make his next defense against Lennox.

What Riddick did not want to fight Lewis, symbolically decided to pull the belt from the CMB to the trash. The body decided to take away the championship and make the Canadian champion.

Although it was a fight that for a long time was wanted to see professionally because of what happened when they were amateurs, it never happened.