Así fue el encuentro del Canelo y Max Verstappen, piloto campeón de la Fórmula 1 en Miami

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez met in Miami with the champion driver of the Formula One, Max verstappen, who seems to have taken a very good appreciation for Mexico and Jalisco, thanks to the work he did Sergio “Checo” Pérez, like his teammate in the Red Bull team.

It should be remembered that the Mexican pilot, and from Guadalajara, Sergio Pérez, made a memorable defense over Lewis hamilton in the last race of the season, so that Max verstappen he could come back and win his first drivers’ world championship.

Saul Y Max they met in Miami, where they celebrated the new year with their family respectively.

He was immortalized by the boxer’s physical trainer, Munir Somoya, who released the photograph and found in his account Instagram.

Similarly, the wife of Canelo, Fernanda Gomez, shared several Instagram stories where we can see the celebration to welcome 2022, and also Saul singing at the top of his lungs the song La Media Vuelta interpreted by Luis Miguel.

In another story, the Mexican champion is also seen celebrating the new year with a bottle of champagne in the true style of the pilots of the Formula One.

Canelo and 2022

Saul Alvarez noted that his coach Eddy reynoso He will be in charge of saying which opponent he will fight against in 2022.

“I do not mind; I don’t really care (who will be his next opponent). Whatever Eddy (Reynoso) wants, I’m ready, I’m ready for everything, “he commented in an interview with Fox Sports U.S.

“I just want to fight the best, and that’s it and make history. I don’t care who is there. I’m ready for anyone, “he said.