Mexican fan travels to fire Big Ben at Heinz Field

Holding a sign that read, “I came from Mexico to thank you, Ben,” a Steelers fan showed up to fire Ben Roethlisberger from Heinz Field.

An amateur, presumably Mexican, made the trip to Heinz Field to witness the last start of Ben roethlisberger at home as quarterback for the Pittsburgh steelers, a franchise for which he has played for 18 seasons.

Showing a sign that reads, “I came from Mexico to thank you Ben“, the fan of Pittsburgh he wore a hat with the legend Mexico, with the national colors.

The Steelers They are one of the most followed teams in the NFL in Mexico, Together with the Dallas cowboys.

Roethlisberger announced prior to the game that “everything pointed” that it was his last outing as head of Pittsburgh. The Steelers They play away on the last day of the regular season, and although they have possibilities of sneaking into the postseason, they would do so as the last in the seed of the AFC, so all their playoff games would be played on the road.

Roethlisberger came to Pittsburgh as a first-round recruit of the NFL Draft 2004, N ° 11 global from Miami in Ohio, and became an immediate starter for about Steelers led by the head coach member of the Hall of Fame, Bill cowher. Roethlisberger He only played for two head coaches in 18 seasons as a professional: Cowher, and the current head coach at Pittsburgh, Mike tomlin. Roethlisberger, a six times chosen to Pro bowl and two times champion of the Super bowl, was also named Offensive Rookie of the Year in its debut season.