Pitbull Cruz retó a Ryan García

Ryan Garcia ensures that fighting with Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz It is the first step he wants to take in 2022, and that the Mexican already has a contract waiting for him.

“Come on, Isaac CruzYou say I have a glass jaw, and the only thing I focus on is Instagram. You will find out what I am made of once you sign that contract. I’m tired of reading your interviews, when you already have a contract waiting for you ”, wrote Ryan Garcia in your account Twitter Tuesday morning.

Ryan García’s resolutions for 2022

What’s more, Ryan Garcia He also made public his New Year’s resolutions regarding boxing issues for 2022, where he ensures that his first purpose is to face the Pitbull.

“Lower your head and get the job done in 2022. I’m ready to move forward. Silence the noise, and be who I am. 25-0, that’s the goal. The first step is to make Isaac Cruz fight, and stop wasting time. Coming from a guy who will fight in my yard, it’s taking a long time ”, tweeted Ryan Garcia.

De la Hoya says they will make a great offer to Pitbull Cruz

Ryan Garcia says that the team of Pitbull cross you already have a contract waiting for you. However, the promoter of Ryan, Oscar de la hoya, ensures that they are just getting ready to make a “great offer” to Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to make a fight between the two.

Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, congratulations on your fight with Tank davis. Golden Boy Promotions Y Ryan Garcia we are ready to make you a great offer. Tell him to tell us your promoter ”, tweeted From the pot.