Shane Williams: "I hated Steve Hansen with a passion"

The rugby star of Wales, Shane Williams said he “hated Steve Hansen with a passion”Such was his disappointment with the New Zealand coach hired by his country in 2002.

The exwing He told details of his relationship with the then World Champion coach with the All Blacks in a documentary three-part BBC called Slammed, where he details his career.

Felt that Hansen had derailed a promising start for him with the Dragon. “I remember one of my first meetings with Steve when the conversation was basically: ‘You are not big enough, you are not physical enough, your defense is not good enough and I will not select you in this Welsh team ‘”Williams said in the documentary in a story published by Rugby Pass.

“My heart sank. I thought I was doing fine, and you’re taking this dream away from me. You have come from New Zealand and you have taken this dream from me, how dare you? “, Expressed Williams.

The situation caused Williams to care little about his national team: “I was watching the Six Nations, Wales wasn’t doing particularly well and I was quite happy,” he said.

“I hated the Welsh team, I hated everything about them, I hated Steve Hansen with a passion. I went through a rough patch when Steve pulled me off the team. I was taking creatine, spending more time in the gym, working on my arms and everything else instead of working on my speed, “the exwing stated.

“I gained weight in a few weeks and it just didn’t work. Yes, I was more muscular, but my pace had slowed down, I was hurting myself and I was missing games. It was just a vicious cycle. It was a horrible moment in my life, the worst two years of my life in rugby, for sure, “he emphasized.

“One day it just clicked. Stop thinking about Steve Hansen, stop worrying about what he said. Work on your speed, your fitness and let’s go. “With Wales losing 10 consecutive tests, Hansen called Williams back and was on the squad for the 2003 World Cup in Australia.

It was the start of a second career in which Williams went on to play 87 tests for Wales, scoring 60 tries. and becoming one of its most respected figures in the modern game.

Hansen would return to New Zealand in 2004 and join the All Blacks, eventually replacing Sir Graham Henry as head coach. He was then part of the 2011 and 2015 World Cup winners All Blacks.