The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 17

This is how the hierarchical order of the league looks like, with only one match left to be played in the regular season

We have almost reached the end of the regular season, and we are no closer than the beginning of agreeing on a more or less fixed order for the hierarchy of all 32 NFL teams; Week-by-week changes to our listing are still drastic, in some cases.

At the top of the NFL Power Rankings of, the Packers they maintain the place of honor, but the large group of teams that follow them is altered with each day.

At the bottom of the table, Jaguars They seem to have definitively taken over the basement, but there are a handful of teams that fought it insistently throughout the regular season.

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After 17 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

The telepathy between Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams is unparalleled in the NFL, but Green Bay has become much more potent this year than its two trips leading up to the NFC Championship Game, thanks to the power AJ Dillon brings to the table for earth, as a complement to Aaron Jones. – RZ

The Rams sealed their comeback in Baltimore with two specific plays: the reception of a touchdown by Odell Beckham Jr. in the last minute and the capture of Von Miller that stopped the final series of the Ravens. Finally, Los Angeles’ big acquisitions of the season are starting to pay off on the field at the most important moment. – EC

The story of the weekend revolves around the new episode of Antonio Brown, a topic that to some extent they should be grateful for to divert attention from the fact that they were close to falling before one of the worst teams on our list if not for their last 18 unanswered points. – LMV

There’s no hotter team than the Bengals right now, and nothing seems to go wrong for Joe Burrow. However, just a few weeks ago, this club lost in consecutive weeks by beating to the Jets and the Browns. – RZ

The Chiefs showed the same defensive problems as at the beginning of the season, not only allowing an exorbitant number of yards, but committing penalties that extend the series of their opponents. If these problems are not corrected soon, Kansas City’s postseason adventure will be too short. – EC

What a way to end the Dolphins’ seven-game winning streak even without Derrick Henry on the roster. The best news for them is the fact that they recovered the top of the American Conference and in a pending game they must secure all the playoffs in Nashville. – LMV

The big darlings of several to take it all this season, from the Super Bowl to the Most Valuable Player award, have managed to win consistently despite not delivering really dominant performances week to week, but this club would be much more criticized for its act to be in a more media market. – RZ

The Patriots couldn’t have picked a better time to fire up: Their beating of the Jaguars not only gave them a ticket to the playoffs, but it shows what the true reach of this team is when it plays a full game in all its phases. – EC

After three straight losses, two of them to contenders, they needed an authoritative win, and that’s precisely what they got against the Cowboys. Their way to the Super Bowl will require multiple visits, but that is not a problem for them since their record in that condition was 8-1. – LMV

The Cowboys’ frustration with the way the officials have performed throughout the season is understandable, but the players in Dallas need to understand that the poor performances of the zebras have been for everyone, without exception, and specifically in their against. To what follows. – RZ

The Eagles have probably benefited from a simple schedule, but you have to acknowledge the work rookie head coach Nick Sirianni put in to get them into the playoffs after Doug Pederson’s disaster leaving Philadelphia. – EC

The unconvincing win over the Texans gave them one more week to live and they will have to be watched closely as, if they can beat the Rams on the road, they will be a team no one will want to see in the postseason. – LMV

If the Jaguars pull off the miracle of beating the Colts in Week 18, then the Chargers and Raiders would enter the postseason with a tie. Will a “deal” be possible between divisional rivals to get to the playoffs, taking turns on their knees for an entire game? It’s not going to happen, but there’s really nothing stopping it. – RZ

After a season full of ups and downs, scandals and distractions, the Raiders found a way to put themselves in the fight for the last ticket to the AFC playoffs and are totally dependent on themselves. The scenario is simple, if they beat the Chargers at home on Sunday they are in and if they lose they are eliminated. – EC

They suffered only their second loss in the last eight weeks and lost the momentum they had taken. The only positive note is the fact that Jonathan Taylor went over 100 yards again, but if they find a way to stop him, then they’ll be in deep trouble because Carson Wentz hasn’t been reliable. – LMV

Brave performance offered by Najee Harris and TJ Watt among others to see off Ben Roethlisberger from Heinz Field with a memorable triumph, but during the process it was more than confirmed that time was up on the grids for the iconic passer. – RZ

The playoff dream ended abruptly for the Dolphins after hitting a wall called Tennessee. The loss to the Titans not only dashed Miami’s hopes, it reawakened old questions around the offense and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. – EC

They will need help to get into the postseason and the reality is that their outlook is not that complicated either, but it is too much reward for a team that is very far from the contenders in the National Conference, even though it already easily surpassed the Buccaneers and Packers in a part of the campaign. – LMV

Considering all the injuries and absences throughout the entire season, it is a true miracle that this team arrives – cheating and everything – to the final day of the regular season with postseason possibilities. Great job from John Harbaugh at the helm of Baltimore. – RZ

The Vikings knew that without Kirk Cousins, it would be very difficult to compete against the Packers; They also knew that Sean Mannion is just a backup quarterback. So why did they squander the chance to see what they have in rookie Kellen Mond? This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out what the true range of the third-round draft quarterback is, and Minnesota just let it go. – EC

Cleveland was once again seen as that soulless and irrelevant team of not long ago in the loss to the Steelers. There are several statistics after this game that should worry a lot, but how much can be demanded of Baker Mayfield when he was sacked nine times. – LMV

The Falcons face a major offseason crossroads: Matt Ryan does not play well enough from week to week to carry this club, but also not bad enough to require immediate replacement, as with other organizations. Its price is high. What to do in Atlanta? – RZ

The Bears have left a good taste in their mouths in recent weeks, but this shouldn’t fool anyone: Head coach Matt Nagy’s project is over and Chicago is in dire need of a position change. – EC

Seattle fans would like to read this, but if the reports are on track and we saw Russell Wilson’s last game at home on Sunday, then I hope you have taken advantage of the exhibition against the Lions because it will not be easy to find his replacement. – LMV

Denver has quite a few interesting pieces on its roster among young players, but the lack of talent at the quarterback position, and the lack of ability to develop the quarterback position, are challenges that have plagued the franchise for a number of years. – RZ

After a full season without significance, Washington must have realized that Taylor Heinicke is not the answer he’s looking for at quarterback. – EC

It will sound strange to say that Houston improved in recent weeks when last Sunday they could only score seven points against the 49ers, but a better version of them has been seen down the stretch of the season, although that does little good. – LMV

In the midst of a couple of weeks of all sorts of bullshit delivered by water-tight head coaches like Matt Rhule and Joe Judge, it’s refreshing to see Robert Saleh come to terms with his own bad decisions. – RZ

Cam Newton has already shown that it is not the long-term answer for the Panthers and Sam Darnold also made it clear that he also has no future in Carolina, so the franchise faces a complicated scenario in the offseason with the need to acquire a new quarterback and fill all the other gaps the squad has on offense. – EC

On paper, Joe Judge’s speech after the loss to the Bears sounds great and convincing, but I have a hard time believing that anyone wants to be part of a franchise that has been losing five years in a row and only one visit to the postseason since. who won their last Super Bowl (2011). – LMV

The Lions will be one of the most interesting teams to watch closely at the top of the next draft, with no truly elite options among quarterback prospects, and with so many needs across the roster. – RZ

The good news for the Jaguars is that Trevor Lawrence threw a touchdown pass again after four blank weeks; The bad news is that they suffered one of the worst beatings in their history, which shows how terrible the season in Jacksonville has been. – EC

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)