Xavi pressures Dembélé to renew with Barcelona: "I should make an effort"

BARCELONA – Xavi Hernández added this Tuesday to the pressure on Ousmane Dembele for the French to renew his contract with Barcelona and encouraged him to “make an effort” taking into account the project that the club and he personally have presented to him.

The Barça coach, who claimed not to have spoken with Philippe Coutinho and even left the continuity of Neto up in the air, agreed to “continue working” in the market, with the main challenge of registering the signings and throwing balls out to the talk about “players who are not like us”, such as the immediate case of Morata and the more distant case of Erling Haaland.

“I am still calm with Dembélé,” proclaimed Xavi, warning that the solution of the case “does not depend on me, it depends on the club, Ousmane and the representatives and I can not say more.” From there the coach transferred all the pressure on the player: “I think I should make an effort, think about him, about his future, and I think that happens by staying at the club.”

“I trust that he will make that effort, that he knows that the sports project cannot be better for him and that he will not be happier in another place like it is at Barça,” Xavi repeated, maintaining a patient and calm posture, away from any tension : “We have to keep waiting to see what he decides.”

“I have not spoken with Coutinho; he is a great professional and we will see what happens,” he sentenced without giving many clues when asked by the Brazilian international, who is urgently looking for an exit from the club … But opening the door to any possibility: “We need to balance things and we are working on it but for the moment I have not spoken with Coutinho about his situation.”

“It is clear that for there to be entries there must be exits, that is evident, and now we are trying to register Dani Alves, we will see what happens with Ferran, if he renews Dembélé”, agreed Xavi, without clarifying whether this Wednesday in Linares he will be able to count on the side and revealing that the club continues to negotiate on several fronts.

One of those fronts could even be that of Neto, of whom the coach did not ensure his ownership in the Cup match, (“tomorrow we will decide, among other things because we are awaiting the antigen tests”) and without ensuring his continuity in the club. “I have spoken with him, about the situation of the club and his personal situation,” Xavi explained, in a phrase very open to any interpretation.

What was conclusive was in refusing to talk about the possible signing of Álvaro Morata because, he assured “it is not worth referring to Morata or Haaland or any player who is coming out … I prefer to focus on the players we have here and if Morata signs I’ll talk about him for Barça “.

“If Morata signs for Barça I will talk about him, but for the moment he is not … It is not worth referring to Morata, Haaland, all the players who leave. I prefer to focus on those we have here,” he summarized, warning , in line with President Laporta, the growth of the team and the club.

“The objective is for Barça to return in a short time. We were ninth and now we are fifth in the League. We work very well every day for 24 hours and close to the goal that is to enter the Champions League,” said Xavi, who proclaimed that he shared the optimism of Laporta: “I am very close to the president, I like him to be positive, his ambition. He’s a brave guy … “.