A visa problem slows Djokovic's entry to Australia

The last hours of Novak Djokovic were a constant roller coaster of situations and controversies that, for now, leave him with one foot outside the Australian Open.

From that photo published where he happily announced his participation in the first Grand Slam of the year so far, everything happened. The Australian government, along with other Victorian entities, raised suspicions and concerns about the evidence supporting the world’s # 1 vaccine exemption.

This supporting evidence reportedly dates from “a Covid-19 infection in the past six months“but at the end of the day, it was not enough to ensure their entry into the country by the authorities. Because of this, Australian Border Forces decided to interrogate the Serb in a room at the airport Tullamarine from Melbourne.

In addition, the comments of the Australian Minister of Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, suggested that the Federal Government could revoke this exemption to enter the oceanic country. In this way, the participation of the nine-time Australian Open champion hangs by a thread and the non-approval of his visa complicates things.

In addition, another of the reasons that complicate the number one in the world comes from a member of his team who You made a mistake when applying for a visa subclass that is not applied to those who received this exemption.

All this caused Djokovic to remain trapped at the airport without knowing what the future holds. According to account Telegraf, a Serbian media outlet, He is detained in a room, without his phone, guarded by police officers and without the possibility of speaking with members of his team. This story will continue…