Si Amanda quiere ser única campeona tendrá que quitarme título: Erika Cruz busca detener ambiciones de Amanda Serrano

The Mexican boxer Erika cruz, named by the World Boxing Association (WBA) Like the Revelation 2021, she wants to consolidate as a featherweight champion and, in the medium or long term, unify titles and face the Puerto Rican Amanda serrano, which has the titles of CMB and the OMB at the same weight.

“In the future I want to fight with Amanda serrano“, He said Erika cruz in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I want to unify the titles and I have a chance at featherweight.”

On November 26 the Dynamite Cross defeated by split decision Melissa esquivel to make the first defense of the 126-pound scepter in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, sure of her talent to measure herself against the Puerto Rican.

“I think I can give him a fight,” said the 31-year-old Mexican. “It is very strong, but I do not doubt my abilities, I feel capable of achieving it.”

In addition to highlighting his qualities in the ring, he considered that the support that his promoter can give him Matchroom, from Eddie Hearn, it would be vital. That way, she wouldn’t be unprotected like many unsupported boxers.

“The fight will take place when it has to be given,” said the Dynamite. “Yes Amanda She wants to be the only champion, she will have to take the title from me. And what better way than to go with the support of a company, I am very happy ”.

Although lawsuits between Mexican women are also true wars, Erika He accepted that there are few featherweight rivals in his country that he could face. Therefore, the objective is to fight foreign boxers.

“Here in Mexico there are not many in featherweight,” he said. cross. “It’s difficult, there is more of the super bantamweight down. Outside there are several, it is Sarah mahfound, I have seen some comments from Marcela ‘Tigresa’ Acuña. They are strong, the outsiders are heavy ”.

Thus, the main objective of the Mexican is to consolidate in the featherweight division and if possible be the only champion. “And if there is time to go down to the super bantamweight.”

Erika Cruz, Revelation of 2021 for the WBA

Waiting for news to know when he will make the second defense of his title, Erika cruz started the year with good news, as the AMB considered it Revelation 2021.

“Due to the forcefulness of the achievements, the Mexican Erika ‘Dynamite’ Cruz has been chosen as the revelation boxer of the World Boxing Association in 2021 ”, highlights the body that presides Gilberto Mendoza Jr.

It highlights that the Mexican went to the United States to fulfill her dream last April 22, when she surpassed Jelena mrdjenovich to get the scepter. He defended it seven months later with the Mexican Melissa esquivel.

“Representative of the National Guard of Mexico, a law student, the first woman to give the country a Pan-American medal in 2011. Erika she proudly wears her champion belt, showing the world that dreams can come true “, concludes the AMB.