Licey looking to wake up in the offensive aspect to stay in the fight

In the regular season, pitching carried the Tigers on their backs, but the margin of error is too narrow for the blue bats to disappear in Round Robin.

The constant is that during the first two games against the Estrellas Orientales, the Tigres del Licey hit .290 and have scored 15 of the 21 runs they have during the postseason, but against the other teams the offense “shines” by its absence.

In the first six games of Round Robin the blue team has the lowest batting average and slugging average among the teams in the fight at .200 and .565 respectively, being the only team to have hit a single home run (which came through of the bat of René Pinto, selected in the Reentry Draft) and only five extra bases (Pinto’s HR, three doubles and a triple).

Of the regular players, only Sergio Alcantará (.316) is hitting above .300 and only Emilio Bonifacio comes close at .287, with run production being the Tigres’ main deficiency when a third of the All Against All is completed.

Many of these averages improved after the All-Star game, but before the win over the Greens the team was hitting just .178 and had only scored 14 runs in five games, despite leaving 12 runners on base.

Yermin mercedes, who has been third in the offensive order several times, is hitting just .238 and has RBI in three runs in 21 at-bats.

There is also the case of Jorge Bonifacio, who has lost prominence on offense and was relegated to 7th bat, since in 13 appearances at the plate he still has not hit unstoppable.

And the case of Peter o’brien, a player selected in the Reentry Draft to contribute offense, has not performed as expected, with 5 strikeouts in 9 at-bats, and has not been able to earn a spot in the feline lineup.

Cases of Ramon Laureano Y Nomar mazara, two men who are called to be the ones who lead the offensive, are complicated since the first did not look good in his last game prior to the New Year break, striking out 4 times and now it was due to Covid-19 protocols The latter is only slugging .267 and came out Monday night with lower back problems.

Although at the moment the excellent work of the Tigers’ pitching staff has kept him in the fight, being the best to date in average earned runs allowed with 2.42, the blue offense must wake up to be able to continue in the competition for a ticket to the Final Series, taking into account the casualties that the teams are suffering due to the Covid-19 protocols.