Pedro Troglio: "I know there is material and desire to get San Lorenzo forward"

Pedro Troglio was presented this Wednesday as the new coach of San Lorenzo and assured that “there is material and desire to get” the team forward.

At a press conference at the Pedro Bidegaín stadium, with the presence of Vice President Matías Lammens and manager Mauro Cetto, the Primea coach was made official together with Leandro Romagnoli, as Reserve coach and Fernando Berón, as Football coordinator Youth.

“I know that there is material and desire to get San Lorenzo forward and the support of the people will be fundamental. I am grateful for being in this Club, one of the largest in the country. It is an honor,” said Troglio in one of his first responses. The coach, who returns to the country, after three years at Olimpia in Honduras, assumed that he reaches a team in crisis and that this is the scenario that DTs usually have when they arrive at a new club.

“I am happy to be in San Lorenzo,” he said, “nor did I hesitate when I had the chance. It is a great one. It made me very happy that people have received me so well. In addition, I am convinced that we are going to have a good campaign, because here there is a hierarchy “.

For his part, manager Matías Lammens commented on the change of command: “I always liked Pedro as a coach. In San Lorenzo we needed a bonus, someone who, beyond football, would change the climate, who would spread optimism. Troglio is doing these days. “

Troglio emphasized the importance of winning back the fan, because “the worst thing that can happen to a player is his people against him.” And he wanted to once again have the support of the people and recover the great atmosphere of the New Gasometer.

“My intention is that a great group is generated and that there is a lot of union of all the San Lorenzo fans, to generate the ideal climate. There is nothing more beautiful than the breath of the people and on this court, where I got to play, it was always felt “.

Meanwhile, Pipi Romagnoli, who was also among the candidates to be a coach, was grateful for his opportunity at the head of the youth team: “Going back to San Lorenzo means a lot, I lived all my life here. I am very grateful for this possibility. Now in another role, where perhaps I feel more comfortable… I feel very happy. “