Steve Nash does not give clues about possible ownership of Kyrie Irving in his debut

INDIANAPOLIS – Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving will make his season debut Wednesday night against the Indiana Pacers, but Nets coach Steve Nash did not reveal whether Irving would start or come off the bench. Regardless of what Nash decides to do, the coach is confident that Irving will play “a big part of the game.”

“I don’t think 38 [minutos]”Nash said after shooting practice Wednesday.” But I think he can play a big part of the game. He’s played a lot, he’s had three or four full-court days with 5v5, so I think he’s capable of playing extended minutes, but not necessarily his usual high 30s. “

Irving, who is not vaccinated against COVID-19, will make his debut after the Nets reversed course last month and decided to allow him to rejoin the team as a part-time player. Irving is ineligible to play at home due to New York City’s vaccination mandate. After the team decided before the season that it didn’t want to have a part-time player, Nash was asked why it would work now.

“When we realized how much we went through, it got dangerous,” Nash said. “We ended up having 13 players that had COVID. We were signing a ton of 10 days when we had a player who could play for us, so what’s the difference between a 10-day player and a guy?”

“It was an opportunity to bring [Irving] back and use a resource that we have that we weren’t using. So everything has been changing this season and last, so I think the other case also exists. We have found solutions. We have found ways to solve situations. Let’s bring it back now. “

Nash said he hoped Irving would have “a little bit of nerves” on his return, but added that “he looks excited and happy to be back.”