Los Lomachenkos y esos lo pueden boxear: Nacho Beristáin opina que al Pitbull Cruz aún le falta mejorar

Even if Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz looked good before Gervonta davis, has to improve some aspects, mainly technical, assured the coach Ignacio “Nacho” Beristáin. Otherwise, he would have no chance of beating other name fighters in the lightweight division.

“I think technically they have to improve it,” he said. Beristain in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Because he is very strong and he goes forward, he attacks all the time.”

But if you face other boxers like Vasyl Lomachenko, Don Nacho Beristain considered that such fighters could exhibit the Pitbull cross.

“I think the Lomachenkos and those can box him ”, added the trainer. “And they can do a better job than Gervonta”.

After the fight with Gervonta, immediately began to sound the name of Isaac to meet others of the elite light division. Don Nacho believes that cross Yes he can face them, but for now, he would see few options for success.

“I saw the fight with GervontaIt seems to me that he gave a good opposition, but he did not win ”, recalled the famous coach. “I think he can fight with them (Lomachenko, George Kambosos, Devin haney), but has little chance of success ”.

Beristáin thinks that the Pitbull should continue with his father as a coach

Former world champion Guadalupe Painter stated that the best option for the Pitbull It is to leave the family and change the work team, since all his life he has been trained by his father. Don Nacho he respected that opinion, although he assured that it would not be the best.

“You cannot undo a couple like father and son,” he concluded. Ignacio Beristain. “Because you are going to harm them both, that is a very particular opinion of Painter and it must be respected ”.

It was last December 5 when el Pitbull earned the respect of the fans after enduring all 12 rounds to Gervonta davis, who took the win by unanimous decision to defend his lightweight title in the AMB.

In recent days, rumors of a possible fight between the Pitbull cross Y Ryan Garcia.