El meme con el que Tyson Fury se burló de la edad de Luis Ortíz

The heavyweight champion of the CMB, Tyson fury, shared a meme where he mocks the age of the 42-year-old boxer, Luis Ortiz, who beat American Charles Martin on January 1 at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The Briton hinted with the image that the boxer known as King kong It is much older than it has officially declared.

In said meme, Gypsy king ensures that Ortiz appears in a 1909 photo alongside Jack johnson, the best heavyweight of the time, who had to flee the United States, after being sentenced to prison in 1913 for crossing states of the country with his white-skinned girlfriend for alleged “immoral purposes.”

For his part, the 42-year-old Cuban returned to the ring, and although he came out with the victory, he also visited the canvas, so he had to come from behind in order to take the victory.

Despite Fury’s meme, Luis Ortiz accepted problems on his return

The Cuban boxer pointed out that it was difficult for him to get into the rhythm on his return to the ring, in addition to not accommodating against another left-handed boxer such as Martin.

“I was very focused during this fight,” he told reporters. Ortiz. “I never worried. My coach told me to continue with my jab and so I did… Fighting left-handed against left-handed was very difficult, but I won with my intelligence ”.

“I never lost faith,” he said. “I knew that my family and the fans were supporting me. I told them there would be fireworks. He knocked me down, but I finished it. I respect him a lot and now I’m looking for everyone for the heavyweight title, “he said.