Toni Nadal, upset with Novak Djokovic

The medical exemption granted to Novak Djokovic that will allow him to face the Australia Open Despite the measure announced months ago by the tournament director Craig Tyler who explained that anyone who wants to play the event must be immunized against Covid-19, sparked controversy and controversy in the world of tennis. Toni Nadal, a benchmark in sport, signed an opinion column in the newspaper The country He touched on the subject.

Rafael Nadal’s uncle and former coach described the four cases that could lead to a special permit and argued that “It would be good if Novak gave some explanation”. As drafted in Spanish, the reasons that would allow such an exemption are: a history of anaphylaxis to a component of the vaccine, a very adverse reaction after a first dose, an acute medical condition or an inflammatory heart condition in the last six months.

And according to his look, “It would seem monstrous to me that in order for their participation to be possible, one of the four dishonorable assumptions had been incurredIt should be noted that Novak Djokovic, the top winner of the tournament with nine titles, has not publicly declared whether or not he is vaccinated but has already assured his presence in the first Grand Slam event of the year, where he could surpass the record of Majors which he shares with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Likewise, he said that the Balkan does not have the obligation to disclose data that pertains to his privacy, but “He must be aware that he is an international benchmark at a time of very serious global health crisis and of great sensitivity due to the enormous pain that Covid-19 is causing “.

“Almost six million people have lost their lives due to this damn virus and many other millions of us who have received the vaccine knowing that it is a global need, with the trust placed in the scientists who have been working for two years to end this scourge, “he continued.

Tennis Australia, for its part, reported that the exemption “was guaranteed after a rigorous process involving two independent bodies with their corresponding panels of doctors.”