Anthony Joshua revela cómo le afectó un insulto de Tyson Fury durante su pelea con Usyk

Anthony Joshua He pointed out how the insult he gave him affected him Tyson fury when telling him that he is a ‘big and rigid bodybuilder’, in the fight where he lost all his belts to Oleksandr Usyk.

Usyk He came out of cruiserweight, great fighter, 12-round fighter ”, told Sky Sports. “I wanted to box with him for 12 rounds and show it, because there was always a stigma that I can’t box, that I’m a big, rigid bodybuilder,” he argued.

Joshua made it clear that this trying to prove he’s a complete boxer above the ring probably put pressure on him during the battle.

“So I said, okay, great, let me practice my boxing,” he added. “I tried to practice my boxing with Usyk. He won nine rounds, I won three ”.

Anthony Joshua asks for faith in him, despite Tyson Fury’s insults

Joshua assured that for the revenge against Usyk he will arrive more prepared so he is sure that he will win seven rounds in the fight.

“In the next fight, I win four more rounds, and I end up winning,” he explained. “Let me simplify the matter and then I will be on my way to being the undisputed champion again,” he argued.

It should be remembered that Tyson fury throughout 2021 he was sending insults whenever he could to Joshua, first for not wanting to sign a fight with him with all the titles in dispute and then for having lost his belts to Usyk.

“Joshua is just a bodybuilder, while I am the best heavyweight in the world, the best athlete, the most devastating puncher, the most flamboyant personality, the most handsome. Lose big, twice, “he declared. Gypsy king talking about the rematch fight between Joshua Y Usyk.