Djordje Djokovic: "My brother is not a criminal but an athlete"

Novak Djokovic’s novel in Australia continues. This time the one who came out to speak was his younger brother, Djordje djokovic, who was at the time director of the Adria Tour, recognized exhibition tournament highly criticized for being done despite the contagions in Europe in mid-2020.

During his time in the media he blindly defended his brother and criticized the Australian authorities for his behavior with the number one in the world: “Novak did not violate any protocol, he had documentation just like the tennis players who entered the country. When he arrived in Australia, he suffered a great diplomatic offense. He was questioned by border customs officials. For the first 45 minutes, he was able to communicate with his family and then his phone was taken away and we were unable to reach him for three and a half hours. The decision was then made that he would not be granted a visa to stay in Australia and that he would not be able to defend his title and set a record.“he commented.

In addition, blunt and controversial as the circle of the 20-time Grand Slam champion usually is, he affirmed and denounced that the Australian Government threatened Novak with not being able to enter the country within three years: “My brother is not a criminal but an athlete. The latest news we have is that the court ordered the authorities not to deport him until Monday morning. Immediately afterwards he found out that they are not going to let him enter Australia for the next three years. “

He denounced that Djokovic was deprived of personal luggage, wallet and all belongings except mobile phone, of which he was also deprived for several hours in “the detention at the airport.” Djordje Djokovic assured that the player “cannot even change his clothes” in that refugee hotel in Melbourne where the Australian authorities installed him, which he described as “dirty”, and that his belongings will be returned to him only upon his return to Europe.

“Novak is a strong and emotional personality, and he fights not only for himself but for everyone in this world who upholds his ethical and moral convictions”, The family spokesman said in reference to the athlete’s opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Outside the hotel, number one has the support of Serbian protesters calling for his freedom. At this point, it is not little.