Eagle FC, new challenge for Mexican Horacio Gutiérrez

Horacio Gutiérrez has a clear goal, to return to the UFC. After two years of inactivity, the finalist of the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Latin America will face a former champion, such as the Brazilian Renan Barao, in the first Eagle FC show in the United States on January 28, 2022.

The Russian promotion, owned by Khabib Nurmagomedov has announced Tyrone Spong vs. Sergei Kharitonov, as the star for this card, as well as the return of ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans to action.

For Gutiérrez, who last fought at Combate Americas in November 2019, they have been complex months, seeking first to get out of the contract with the promoter and then looking for a competitive fight, which will put him back in the conversation.

“I have not been able to be active for different reasons, the Covid and we were looking for a good fight. It is a great promotion, it is Khabib’s, it is the first time they come to the American continent. Renao is a former champion, he was the elite, like a Jose Aldo at 135 pounds, I think that beating him will surely catapult me ​​because it is the level at which I will be, “he said in an interview with ESPNS Deportes from Chicago, where he has lived since 2013 training in the Chicago Fight Team and the Flow Striking Valley.

“I would not have signed if I did not think I could win, He is a great fighter, complete from where you see him, good striking, good jiu-jitsu, he is a black belt and has a good fight, but I trust my camp, VFS and CFT, I know that we are going to achieve it ”Gutiérrez advanced.

The ‘Punisher’ left the UFC in 2016 but has shared training with fighters from the promotion such as Yair Rodríguez, Ignacio Bahamondes, the bantamweight champion Julianna Peña and his closest, Belal Muhammad, whom he is accustomed to accompany in the corner for their fights .

With this backing, he believes he can knock out the former bantamweight monarch, who came out of the top promotion with five consecutive losses.

“We have a small team, but we train specifically for each fight and that’s where you see the results, I’m not intimidated by anything that is a former UFC champion, in fact, it gives me more emotion, I know it’s a tough fight, but I can do it. win and I’m going to win. He comes in a streak of several losses and I go up, I feel that he is already touched, he has many wars, I hope to be able to connect him and we are going to finish it, ”explained the Jalisco.

One of the main reasons you think you can achieve completion is the size advantage, as they will fight in their natural division, featherweight:

“In 145 I am sure that I am stronger and bigger than him, I have a little advantage, it will be a war. I don’t know how he sees me, I imagine they see me down, that they are going to beat me, like a little jump to return to victory, but he is very wrong, I am going to show him something different and we are going to win.

For Gutiérrez his return to the big leagues is a matter of time, because although his name is not widely recognized, he is used to working day by day with one of the best in the world, as he explains in his relationship with Muhammad: “Belal and I did a perfect dumbbell, we train in the morning and in the afternoon, I am always his sparring partner, I accompany him to Fight Week, I have been in his corners. He helps me a lot, because he’s obsessed with training, he doesn’t talk about anything else during the day other than how we’re going to be better. Having such a person, who from the moment he wakes up to he falls asleep is to train, improve and win has helped me a lot, the rankings were updated and he is already number 5 in the world, but I am sure that he is going to be world champion ” added.

In case a greater motivation was needed, this week the new bantamweight queen returned to the gym, with the UFC belt and the satisfaction of having surprised the world, because “Nobody expected that Julianna was coming to fight a war, Amanda thought she was going To connect and knock out in one or two rounds, I was very proud of my partner, but in a small gym we already have first-rate fighters and the first champion. It is a job of many years, it is no coincidence that coach Mike (Valle) has worked excellently with each one and now Belal is coming ”, confessed the Mexican.

Eagle FC will have its 44th card on January 28 in Miami, Florida and more announcements are expected in the following weeks.