Eduardo Domínguez was introduced as Independiente's DT: "Falcioni did a great job and we have to take advantage of it"

Eduardo Domínguez was officially presented this Thursday as the new Independiente coach and stressed that Julio Falcioni “did a great job”, that they should “take advantage of” the foundation he left in his idea of ​​”being protagonists.”

In a virtual conference, after his first training in front of the red squad in Villa Domínico, the coach answered the questions of the journalists.

“I chose Independiente for what it is. Its history, its achievements, the great players and coaches that have passed through. I know what its people are, its fans and what the institution generates. We want to take it to the top again.”

“Whenever a new coach arrives, the illusion of the whole group is renewed.”

“Get to know who is there (with respect to the squad). Then, according to the needs, we can start to diagram the best scheme for that team.”

“What we seek, like many others, is to be protagonists.”

“You always want to have good players, but we know the difficulties to have them.”

“With Julio we have already talked, I will not get tired of expressing what I want. He had me in the fourth division, in the Reserve in Vélez, he put me as and starter in the First, he had me in Olimpo and in Independiente. There are many years of relationship. He always tried to help the person, he is like a father in soccer. “

“He supports me and supported me to make the best decision. I am very grateful for the advice he gave me and he will continue to give me because the relationship goes beyond football.”

“We are going to work on the objectives with the group. If we have to have short deadlines, Julio did a great job here. He had to raise the foundations again and made a great base that we have to take advantage of.”

“We all have the idea of ​​empowering Alan Velasco and surrounding him in the best way. As we get to know each other, we want him to be as close to the goal as possible.”

“It has nothing to do with whether another striker comes to compete with him, Silvio Romero is going to benefit. He is the captain and the scorer of the team. We know what you can do and what we can demand of you. It will depend on the talks he has with the leadership, so that he is well, he is happy. If he’s good, he can give us a lot, because he’s a great scorer. “

“Rolfi Montenegro greatly influenced my arrival. We already know each other. We had to agree as teammates, then I had to be his coach, which was a very big change and he, like my other Huracán teammates, understood it very quickly and are grateful to them. We grew up mutually. He was one of the architects for me to be here. “

“We want to be up to the task. If we want to fight in the tournaments we play, we have to be offensive. Football has evolved and you have to understand the change to evolve. We always seek that our idea and belief is that of the player. We want to be protagonists for the history of the institution and go in search of those titles “

“If the idea of ​​the game is always the same, when they take our hand … You have to have variants. The operation has to be the same.”

On the continuity of Fabricio Bustos and Sebastián Sosa: “You want to have the best players. I have spoken with both of them and we would like them to continue. Afterwards, the decisions they make individually do not go through me. “

“I made my decision to leave Colón, regardless of what might happen next. My departure was because I believed that I had already done what I had to do. Later, when they called me, I told them that they had to make a decision whether to continue Julio or not. At that moment we spoke with Julio “.

“Then we started chatting and he was very excited.”

“What I can promise is easy: work. Because promising results would be …”

With regard to the reinforcements, the DT explained: “We need goals, it is a team that has its goalscorer, but it is a team that has found it difficult to find another player who is behind.”

“A right back, a left. And when they appoint Marcone, he is a great play, but we have Lucas there. We are going to evaluate the needs and the possibilities of the market with which the club has.”

“The fans and we have very high expectations. We promise work, find the team and that people know what they are going to see. I am very grateful for the place I occupy”