Mbappé is determined to achieve his goals with PSG and France in 2022, although he is close to Real Madrid

It is a new year, and the key question is whether he will remain the same. Kylian Mbappé has welcomed 2022 with open arms; To the surprise of a few at the club, the Paris Saint-Germain striker arrived a day early for training, after a short break at Christmas. He arrived at the Camp des Loges (PSG’s training venue) on Friday for a practice session when everyone, South American internationals aside, had to return on Saturday.

It is clear that he is fresh, motivated and thirsty for victory. After all, the French international knows that these will undoubtedly be the most important 12 months of his career to date. It is a year in which he could win his first Champions League with PSG and, with France, his second World Cup, a year in which he could also change clubs, reach more records and continue to grow, improve and achieve more successes.

Halfway through the French domestic season, Mbappé has already scored 18 goals in all competitions, including a four-goal match (with France, vs. Kazakhstan), a hat-trick (with PSG, vs. Vannes in the Cup) de France) and four games with two goals. He has been the head of this PSG team despite the arrival of Lionel Messi and the presence of Neymar, leading his team in both happiness and adversity, and he is committed to continuing to do that until the last day he is there. , no matter when that time will come.

And here’s the million dollar question at the start of this new year: When will your last day at the Parc des Princes be? Starting at 12:01 am on January 1, you are free to sign a pre-contractual agreement with the club of your choice.

So: New year and also a new club?

Sources told ESPN FC that no agreement has been reached or signed between Mbappé and Real Madrid, as the 23-year-old is focused on finishing the season in the best possible way. However, it is no secret that Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez and Kylian’s father Wilfried Mbappé have a close relationship dating back around a decade. Since Real identified Mbappé as the “next star” when he was just 11, they have been in constant contact. Mbappé has even spent time training with the youth teams of the Spanish giants when he was younger.

Sources have told ESPN FC that, for both parties, it was only a matter of time until the French prodigy donned the famous white jersey. It was not a question of possibility, but of when. Last summer they were very close, and it is very likely that it will end up happening this summer.

In Paris, however, there is still a bit of hope and optimism. “Where there is hope, there is life”, the saying goes, so they will not lose hope. Talks are open between the French club and the Mbappé family. PSG have put an extension to their contract on the table, offering the highest salary package at the club (even higher than Neymar and Messi) and promising them a highly competitive side, with even more additions in the summer. (Players such as Franck Kessie, Paul Pogba, Karim Adeyemi, Antonio Rudiger and Ousmane Dembélé are on the team’s goal list.)

However, there is also another well-known saying that says: “What kills is hope.” The French club does not know what will end up happening, but for the moment they know that he will be there, playing at his best for the next six months, and the club has many goals to achieve.

Sources have commented to ESPN that Mbappé had a lengthy conversation with PSG sporting director Leonardo on Friday after his early arrival at the practice facility. What was discussed at the meeting has been kept private thus far – it could have been about his future, his vacation, the comic he just released, or a more entertaining talk about New Years resolutions – but No. 7 He did make it clear that he wants to win everything in 2022 and even play better than in the first part of the campaign.

Rumors about Real Madrid offering him € 50 million, to take him to LaLiga during the 2021-22 season, have not disturbed Mbappé either. On the one hand, the offer has not arrived and also PSG, which would reject it anyway, does not believe that Real Madrid will do so a month before they meet in the Champions League. More importantly, Mbappé would not accept it; He is not leaving in January. He does not want to go now, not even if we are talking about Real Madrid, and he is fully focused on the second part of the season.

Mbappé is never satisfied. He always wants more. Now he has Real Madrid (curiously) in his sights for the clashes in the Champions League round of 16: the first leg is on February 15. He wants to win the Champions League and avenge PSG’s final defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, as well as the disappointing semi-final loss to Manchester City, which ended his aspirations for the past two years. In addition, he tells his teammates that he wants to finish as the leading scorer in the competition and in Ligue 1, and also take the title for the most assists in the French first division.

How do you plan to accomplish all of that? Mbappé has redoubled his efforts to stay in good physical condition all season and thus avoid experiencing a situation similar to last year, when an injury made him unable to play in the Champions League semi-final against City at the Etihad, in which PSG ended up eliminated.

And then comes Qatar 2022. New year… new glass?

The defeat in the Euro is still fresh for Mbappé. He missed France’s last penalty against Switzerland in the round of 16 and felt he was made the scapegoat for that bitter defeat. Not having scored a single goal in the tournament was a disappointment for a player of his status. His partnership with Karim Benzema is stronger and more efficient now than in the Euro – which marked Benzema’s first appearances with the national team since 2015 after a long exile – and France will be among the favorites once again. By then, it is possible that Mbappé could be a Real Madrid star alongside Benzema.

After a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Years break during which he enjoyed his family and prepared for 2022, Mbappé is ready to go for it all. His hat trick against the amateur Vannes, who play in the fourth division, in the Coupe de France on Monday night, made for a perfect start to the year. Much more important matches and much tougher rivals will come, but he started the year as expected: scoring goals for fun. Now, there’s also the added fun of figuring out where you’ll be playing next season.