Rob Baxter: "All Six Nations games would have to be played in the same country"

The Head Coach from Exeter chiefs, Rob baxter got into the discussion of the localities of the Six Nations 2022. The English coach assured that the solution is to play all the games in the same country with those selected in the bubble.

Although it was confirmed that Ireland and Wales will meet at the opening of the tournament in Dublin on February 5 before Scotland and England go head-to-head in Murrayfield that same day, the rest of the competition sails in uncertainty.

Current regulations imposed by the Welsh government, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, particularly its Omicron variant, means that all Wales matches against Scotland, France and Italy will have to be played behind closed doors. That is why the WRU would analyze changing its location to England. Scotland is in a similar position at Murayfield.

In England you can see the full stadiums enjoying the Premiership games. So Rob Baxter, Exeter coach said: “All the beauty of the Six Nations is that change of scenery, that change of weather conditions, going to play in Scotland, Wales, Ireland; those are the great challenges. which makes it a great competition. “

After giving several explanations, the Head Coach of the English Chiefs stated: “The best scenario is to play it in the same country, where you will have crowds, you will be able to collect income and you will be able to maintain that income stream for all unions, so that has to be better than cancel it. “