Six Nations: the government of Wales, "disappointed" in case of realizing the localization in England

Eluned morgan, Minister of Health of Welsh, was disappointed in the event that the WRU (Wales Rugby Union) decides to move home matches from Six nations to England.

As it became known in recent days, the Dragon would be considering, due to the restrictions imposed by the local government not to play with the public, moving his premises to England. Wales will play at home the games against Scotland, for the second date, against France for the fourth day and against Italy on the fifth.

Morgan assured that they will help financially if the selected matches are played behind closed doors at the Principality Stadium: “Obviously, we all want to see rugby in Wales and would be disappointed if the WRU made that decision (to go to England) “, assured the Minister of Health in dialogue with the BBC.

At the same time he added: “There would clearly be financial consequences for them and there would be an understanding on the part of the Welsh government that we would have to step in and support them financially if they were to postpone those matches or cancel them in any way. Obviously, if they went to England, it would be more difficult for us to get that financial support, “he added.

Finally, Morgan showed hope in case the peak of coronavirus cases in the country can be lowered: “We will see what happens. These are the first days. The fact is that this variant is moving very fast. What we hope is that Let’s get to the top and come down really fast after that. I think two of the games will be played in March, so we’ll see if we’re out of the woods by then, “he concluded.