El día que Riddick Bowe tiró el cinturón del CMB a la basura para no pelear con Lennox Lewis

The reunion they had Riddick bowe Y Lennox Lewis On January 1, where they made peace after more than 30 years of rivalry, it forces us to remember how an expected heavyweight fight between the two was thwarted, a story that ended in 1992 when Riddick bowe pulled the belt off CMB to the trash.

Bowe he was a heavyweight monarch of the CMB after dethroning Evander holyfield and had to expose it to Lewis as a mandatory rival, but he had no intention of doing so. With Lennox Lewis, Bowe they had a rivalry that went back to when they were both amateurs. At the Seoul 88 Olympics, where Lewis beat Bowe the gold medal in the final.

After several interruptions in the negotiations to finalize that fight, already in professionalism, Bowe ended any aspiration to realize it. And incidentally, the doors of the green and gold body were closed.

Misguided, Riddick Bowe seized the moment at a press conference and pulled the belt from the CMB to the trash, thereby announcing that he would not fight with Lewis. This action damaged his image and his relationship with the organization, since he never again fought for a title of the CMB.

Bowe’s reconciliation with the WBC

It took more than 20 years for there to be a reconciliation of Bowe with the CMB. In 2012 the former world champion received a belt and a medal of honor from the body in Wellingbourough, Northamptonshire, in England.

Accompanied by family and friends, Riddick bowe was recognized that time for the humanitarian actions carried out through its foundation, so the CMB made him an honorary ambassador.

The then president of the organization, Jose Sulaimán, sent him a letter in which he praised the former boxer’s career. Bowe He said it was an honor to receive the green and gold scepter, which he said, in his consideration and of many boxing people, is “the belt to win.”

That time he recognized that he was being misguided by someone on his team, so he threw the title in the trash, but he was sorry.

The WBC handed Bowe another belt

In 2014, during the WBC’s 52nd Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Riddick bowe was present and Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the organization, presented him with the title that the American once despised. Thus ended that controversy.

If something was missing from this story, it was a handshake between Bowe Y Lewis. And that happened last weekend in the framework of the function they starred in Luis Ortiz Y Charles martin.

After 35 years of a rivalry that never materialized in the ring, Bowe walked over to ringside to greet Lewis, who was as a commentator, and thus end this story.

Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe made peace after 35 years of rivalry