Toulon announced that he will not appear to play against La Rochelle

Bernard Lemaître I affirm that Toulon will not play the duel against La Rochelle for the 15th day of French Top 14. The President explained the reasons and accepted the consequences to come.

“We only have four suitable players in the front row,” explained Bernard Lemaître. In addition, the president of Toulon was blunt: “If someone asks me to play the juniors, I will not accept, we will abide by the consequences, but I will not take that risk.”

“We cannot be asked to play, I know that the League would absolutely want us to play motivated by the absence of dates available in the calendar, by Canal +, etc. But I will not play with a youth front row against the experienced La Rochelle . I deny it, I do not commit my responsibility in that “, affirmed the president of Toulon.