Vitor Belfort suggests new salary policy for UFC and advises Dana White

UFC salary policy has become a hot topic of debate in recent months by big names in the world of combat sports.

Jake Paul, the new boxing star, often criticizes the bags offered by the UFC and has exchanged comments with Dana White, president of the company. Recently, MMA legend Rickson Gracie also spoke out about payouts in the world’s largest MMA organization. Now, who also gave his opinion on the matter was Vitor Belfort, expeller of the company.

One of the UFC’s biggest stars for years, formerly the light heavyweight champion (93kg), Belfort knows what it’s like to deal with Dana. But whoever thought that the fighter was only going to criticize the leader was wrong. The Brazilian, in an exclusive interview with the Ag. Fight agency, analyzed the president’s work and advised him on what salary method to adopt in the franchise.

“It’s understanding how the business works. Dana has a lot of people hired, I don’t know how many people there are, 300, 400, 600 athletes. The NFL, the NBA don’t pay anyone, and the teams that pay and don’t have that many athletes. That’s the big problem. Boxing is different, it’s individual. The ATP doesn’t pay any tennis player, they have prizes and whoever wins the tournament gets the prize. The UFC hires an individual and everyone has a contract. There are fighters who they make a lot of money and there are also people who don’t. Dana pays some fighters very well, but she has many. I don’t think it should be that way. There should be a balance, “said the former UFC fighter.

“I think there should be a class A, B and C and we don’t have that in the UFC. If you’re a Class A, you have a minimum to earn during the year. Dana works for the UFC and makes the UFC make a lot of money. If I was an owner of a business, I would like to have Dana as CEO. I think a lot of things will change, but the point is that the longer it takes to change, the better for Dana. I think in the future the UFC will become a league, like the NFL, NBA. I see that many things will change in the future. If they did not have a contract with ESPN, they would be bankrupt. The good thing is that I wanted to have Dana as CEO, but the bad thing is that he values ​​athletes who did not even deserve it, ” concluded the 44-year-old from Rio.

Vitor Belfort made MMA history. Between 1996 to 2018, the ‘Phenomenon’ had a record of 26 wins, 14 losses and a ‘No Contest’ (fight without result) on his resume. The fighter became a heavyweight champion and also won the light heavyweight belt at the largest sports company in the world.