With Wegrzyn as the starter and the possible debut of Toth, Provence welcomes Beziers in the Pro D2

By Pro D2 16th date French, Provence will receive Beziers in a duel of mid-table teams (tenth and ninth respectively) in search of cutting a streak of three consecutive defeats.

In the homeowner the Argentine will say present as the first line holder Frederick Wegrzyn, while in the bench of substitutes the Uruguayan will wait for his chance German Kessler and the pillar formed in Lomas Nicolas Toth, who could have his debut in Gallic rugby.


PROVENCE: one- Wegrzyn, 2- Jammes, 3- Tagi, 4- Dufour, 5- Flanquart, 6- Witt, 7- Annetta, 8- Malet, 9- Bau, 10- Selponi, 11- Sau, 12- Navizet (C), 13- Marriou, 14- Betham, 15- Massip. / 16- Kessler, 17- Toth.

BEZIERS: 1- Akhaladze, 2- Pinto Ferrer, 3- Arrieta Zabala, 4- Bendy, 5- Maamry, 6- Van Bost, 7- Gunther, 8- Lemardelet, 9- Bisman (C), 10- Latorre, 11- Courtaud, 12- Votu, 13- Dreuille, 14- Espeut, 15- Malie.