Australia canceled the visa of a tennis player who already played in Melbourne

Currently, in Australia they are talking about diplomatic issues more than tennis, despite the fact that there are several competitions currently being played. The situation of Novak Djokovic (1st) captured the attention of the whole world and it is the topic of the moment: now, we must add the Czech tennis player Renata Voracova, whose visa was also canceled.

The 38-year-old doubles player, number 81 in the world in the section, was taken to the same immigration hotel where the Serbian is staying and will have to leave the country (it is unknown if the athlete will file an appeal). The most striking thing is that a few days ago he played the WTA in Melbourne.

With Piter, they lost in the premiere vs. Pattinama and Rodionova. However, Why was your visa canceled despite having already played on Australian soil? The ABC confirms that Vocarova entered the country in December with a vaccine exemption authorized by Tennis Australia because it had recently contracted and recovered from COVID-19, the same one presented by Djokovic.