Es mucho mejor oferta que la de Gervonta: Papá del Pitbull Cruz acepta que recibieron dos ofertas para pelear con Ryan García

Isaac Cruz, father of Pitbull cross, confirmed that there were two offers of Golden Boy Promotions for your son’s fight with Ryan Garcia, but the American developer has to negotiate with Sean Gibbons Y Manny Pacquiao Promotions, the company that promotes your son, and not with him.

“They have made me two offers,” confirmed Mr. Isaac Cruz in interview with LEFT PUNCH Thursday night. “But I am governed by Sean Gibbons Y Manny Pacquiao Promotions, our promoters ”.

De La Hoya says Pitbull turned down lucrative offer to fight Ryan Garcia

The Thursday evening Oscar de la hoya, title of Golden Boy Promotions, published a tweet in which he regretted that the team of the Pitbull cross reject a more lucrative offer than what was obtained before Gervonta davis.

“It is very unfortunate that Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz turned down a very lucrative offer, more than he made with Tank (Davis)He tweeted Oscar de la hoya The Thursday evening.

De La Hoya has to negotiate with Pitbull promoter, says Isaac Cruz Sr.

Don Isaac confirmed that the two offers for the Pitbull cross fight with Ryan Garcia they did exist. He did not reject them, but clarified Golden Boy Promotions that he is not the right channel to negotiate. That’s what they are for Gibbons and the promoter of Manny Pacquiao.

“They made them directly to me,” added the father of the Pitbull cross. “But you know that there are codes and rules in the box, we are guided by them, they are the ones in charge of the negotiations.”

Thus, as soon as there is a formal offer through the appropriate channels and the fight is formalized, he assured that they will make it known, but for the moment there is nothing official.

“They have not yet made an offer to us through our promoter,” said Don Isaac Cruz. “We are waiting for that offer to be made to us.”

Offers for Pitbull Cruz to fight Ryan Garcia are greater than what they won with Gervonta

Isaac Cruz Sr acknowledged that the offer they made to him is better than what was obtained on December 5 in the reverse with Gervonta Davis. However, he reiterated that it will be Sean Gibbons whoever is in charge of the negotiation.

“The offer is much better, the truth is, it is very tempting,” he said. “But like I say, we really haven’t had a rapprochement. I’m waiting for you to call me Gibbons to see what agreement we are going to agree on ”.

He made it clear that in these types of negotiations there are many details to analyze, so he will respect the work of the promoters.

“We cannot skip that part because there are clauses, there are everything, there are rules as everywhere,” he concluded. “And we are people who know how to respect the agreements and commitments that we have, we know how to respect them.”

Declaration war

After his fight with Gervontto, Isaac Cruz he declared himself ready to face any monarch or top ranked at 135 pounds. It’s with Ryan Garcia with whom he has had cross statements, although the American and his father are the ones who have made the most comments.

Thus, it is expected that in the coming days or weeks this lawsuit will be confirmed, which would mark the return of Ryan after more than a year without activity, although it is also said that in Golden Boy Promotions they do not agree with such a complicated fight for their return.

If materialized, in the team of the Pitbull They would ask for a clause that benefits them in case Ryan cancel the fight weeks before it takes place.