Óscar de la Hoya, Ryan García, Pitbull Cruz y Sean Gibbons

Thursday afternoon, a tweet war broke out with Oscar de la hoya Y Ryan Garcia on one side, and Sean Gibbons, President of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, and promoter of Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz. In the exchange there were a series of accusations about the offers that have been launched to make a fight between Garcia Y cross.

At night, the father of Isaac Cruz confirmed to LEFT PUNCH that Golden boy made him two offers for his son to fight with Ryan Garcia. He added that the offers are tempting and superior to what cross won against Gervonta davis, but noted that Golden Boy Promotions you have to send the offers to your promoter Manny Pacquiao Promotions and negotiate with them, not with him.

In war of tweets De La Hoya and Ryan García accuse Pitbull Cruz of rejecting offer

“I guess it’s more of a Chihuahua that a Pitbull”, critical Ryan in your account Twitter, after the tweet of Oscar de la hoya in which he regretted that the team of Isaac has rejected the offer.

“It is very unfortunate that the team of Pitbull cross turned down a very lucrative offer, more than he made with Gervonta davis“Wrote the president of Golden Boy Promotions.

From the side of the Pitbull they accuse that De La Hoya lies

The team of Pitbull he was not silent. It was his promoter Sean Gibbons, President of Pacquiao Promotions, who responded, and incidentally accused Oscar de la hoya to lie.

Oscar, although I understand your desperation to show Ryan Garcia that you are doing something as his promoter, do you think saying something false will impress him? ” Gibbons.

Gibbons wants to make a direct proposal to Ryan Garcia

“While Pitbull cross he has some worries in his life, fighting with you is not one of them, “he said. Sean Gibbons to Ryan Garcia. “If you really want this as your next fight, we are prepared to make you an offer with the bag you deserve. Please let me know who I have to send the offer to ”.

However, the exchange did not stop there and Ryan again he spoke to ask them to sign the fight.

“I couldn’t care less if he’s worried, scared, etc.,” she said. Garcia. “You don’t need to be scared to get knocked out, let’s just do this. We both said yes, so it should be easy. “

The problem is who will broadcast the fight

In the tweet war between Ryan Garcia Y From the pot, against the promoter of the Pitbull cross, it looms what the real problem is. More than the bag, it is the platform that would transmit the fight that is the real obstacle.

Golden Boy Promotions, company that manages Ryan Garcia, has a contract with the platform DAZN. And the Pitbull cross, who militates in Manny Pacquiao Promotions, has a contract with Showtime Y Fox and seeks to make the fight in Pay per event.

“I’m just trying to make the best and most entertaining fights and you guys are playing,” he said. From the pot to Gibbons. “Where are you going to match the amount of money I offered to fight Ryan? ”.

Oscar, I don’t play ”, he said Sean Gibbons. “We are happy to make an offer for more money than what you pay to Ryan. Please talk to me, I’m waiting on the phone ”.

Y Gibbons added another tweet.

Oscar, when you want to negotiate in good faith, we are happy to speak in giving (to Ryan) the platform it deserves (in Pay per Event) with a good channel ”, he continued Gibbons. “Do not you think Ryan Garcia Are you ready to become a Pay-Per-View star? ”