La vida te da golpes y terminas en la lona: Julio César Chávez recuerda sus caídas con mensaje motivacional

Julio Cesar Chavez He recalled the moments in his career when he fell to the canvas with falls, and took the opportunity to send a motivational message to his followers in Instagram.

“Sometimes life hits you hard and you end up on the mat. But everything is in the mind and heart to get back up and continue the battle. Never giving up is essential. Courage in all that you live! You are a GREAT CHAMPION ”, posted the great Mexican champion.

Julio César Chávez and the second of two falls against Tszyu

The image that uploaded Julio Cesar Chavez corresponds to June 29, 2000, when he lost by technical knockout in the sixth round against Kostya tszyu.

Tszyu knocked down Chavez in the sixth round. It was only the second takedown in his entire career, after Frankie randall He also shot it down in 1994. Julio Cesar Chavez He had already accumulated two falls to the canvas in his career. The great Mexican champion got off the canvas, but seconds later, the referee and his corner stopped the fight.

“It seems that it is time to retire,” he said. Chavez after losing against Tszyu, in which it was the fifth loss of his career.

But nevertheless, Chavez He made five more fights and retired until 2005.