PTPA's statement on Djokovic

The PTPA, which is the official Instagram account of professional tennis players, issued a statement expressing itself about the situation of Novak Djokovic (1st). “The Association has been diligently monitoring the Australian government’s arrest of Djokovic“began the text.

The PTPA was in close contact with Djokovic, his family and legal advisers, government officials and the leaders of the Australian Open. Djokovic assured us of his well-being. He also requested that we allow him to personally share the facts of his arrest in his own words and in his time.“he continued.

Then the final stretch: “With the utmost respect for all personal views on vaccinations, vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes should have the freedom to compete. We will continue to support and advocate for our members and all players in a way that is acceptable to them.“.

We appreciate that Mr. Djokovic is safe and that we can reach him. We will continue to monitor your health, safety and well-being. We look forward to your time back on the court“, he closed the message.