Revancha entre Usyk y Joshua sería en abril, según Eddie Hearn

The Matchroom Promoter, Eddie hearn, pointed out that the rematch between Oleksandr Usyk against Anthony Joshua it would take place in April in the UK.

“I think April is a realistic month for that fight,” he explained. Hearn at a press conference. “Before you know it, it will be February and these fights require a lot of organization. For us, the preferred date and venue for that fight will be the UK, so we’re not really interested in doing that fight in March. “

He also made it clear that Joshua is training to reach the slice in optimal condition against Usyk on this likely date of the fight.

AJ he has been training relatively solidly since the fight, “he said. Hearn. “Realistically, if you start your training camp in February, even April gets pretty tight, but that’s the preferred date for the fight and I think it’s realistic.”

Hearn says there are offers to host the fight between Joshua and Usyk

Hearn He mentioned that he has received enough offers for the battle to take place in different parts of the world.

“We have had two or three offers from different countries to organize Joshua against Usyk, but for me after the success of the fight I would love to do that fight back (in the UK) ”, he revealed Hearn. “Possibly at Tottenham Stadium again or at Wembley, because I feel like it’s a must win for AJ. If we had the opportunity to organize the fight in the UK, we should do it, and if he can win that fight on that ground it would be quite special. “

The promoter assured that he has all the monetary potential to carry out the battle where they see fit.

“We have the ability to organize the fight wherever we want,” he said. Hearn. “But at the same time it has to generate enough money to know that we have done our job. Kiev (capital of Ukraine) is not the place to make money, other places outside the UK will. I don’t think the fight will take place in Kiev. “