SLAR 2021: the numbers of minutes and players used for each franchise

Throbbing the start of a new season of the American Rugby Super League, it is worth keeping an eye on some numbers that the last edition of the tournament left, more specifically, on the number of minutes and players used.

It should be noted that of the six participating franchises, Cobras Brazil XV was the one who used the most players (35), followed by Cafeteros Pro, Jaguares XV and Peñarol with 33; while those who had less to their credit were Olimpia Lions and Selknam with 32.

Of the 198 competitors, 76 of them (38.3%) were on the court for more than 480 minutes, which can be translated as six complete games. 64 players (32.3%) did it for more than 240 minutes and 58 (29.3) in a smaller number.

Regarding the teams, Cobras Brasil XV had 10 of its 35 men (28.5%) on the field of play for more than 480 minutes; while Peñarol reached 45% with 15 of its players.

Finally, and below the 240 active minutes, there are 15 Brazilians who played this time slot, representing 42.8%. While Selknam and Peñarol rotated seven players that are equivalent to 21.8% and 21.2%, respectively.

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