The EPCR's decision for the Champions and Challenge Cup matches

The European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) reported that group stage matches in the dates 3 and 4 of the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup will be carried out as scheduled.

After the meeting with the clubs and unions of the countries that participate in the tournaments, EPCR announced that it will make use of the exemptions of the French government for what is called the “exercise of an economic activity”. In this way, teams and referees will be able to go from the United Kingdom to France without restrictions.

The official statement of the European entity also clarifies that more information will be requested from the French authorities about possible new conditions that may be applicable to travel between France and the United Kingdom.

“While recognizing that these are particularly challenging times for all of its stakeholders, EPCR will continue to work with the clubs and unions so that the matches of this month they can be played in a safe way”.. Date 3 is scheduled for January 14 and 15 and a week later date 4 will be played.

In addition, the five Champions Cup matches and the two Challenge Cup matches on date 2 that were postponed due to unforeseen circumstances arising from changes in border controls between France and the United Kingdom are being discussed, but not so far. was issued in this regard.