Bermúdez clarified the situation of Fabra, affirmed that there are no offers for Villa and regretted the end of Cardona in Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors continues to assemble its squad to start the competition in 2022. Without confirmed reinforcements but with some casualties, Jorger Bermúdez, member of the Soccer Council, spoke in TyC Sports Summer about Sebastián Villa, Frank Fabra and Edwin Cardona.

In the last hours, Martín Araoz spoke on the same program and commented that Frank Fabra had offers to leave Xeneize after five years at the club. However, Bermúdez underestimated this. “We have just signed a renewal with Constanzo as Frank’s representative. I do not have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Araoz, We have not received any communication about a possibility of a club from Mr. Araoz. We don’t even know him, “he said.

And he added: “I think the situation with Frank is nice. If we analyze the two years in which we were in charge of Boca, all we try to do is give him confidence and fill him with positivism. After the Cup, everyone questioned Fabra, but we gave him confidence, we believed in him and we promoted him. There is no doubt that today he is one of the best in our squad. Each of the options that our players have will be analyzed and the most convenient decision will be made. “

Regarding the other Colombian, Sebastián Villa, Bermúdez commented that there is no concrete approach for the winger to leave the club: “We have the best feeling towards Sebastián and I think we acted correctly. Until today, no proposal has been made by Villa to determine that there is a team interested in him.l. Hopefully there are many and they are what the player and the institution are waiting for “.

Finally, he spoke of Edwin Cardona, a midfielder who left the institution after finishing his 18-month loan: “Boca brought Cardona from Tijuana, where he did not play, that is to say, he trusted him and placed the illusion. Due to circumstances that we have all followed in these 18 months did not end. The continuity was not what was expected, we all know the category of player that he is but on the field he could not establish himself in continuity. Unfortunately the link ended. “