Canelo contra Títere Vázquez: El día que dos jóvenes futuros campeones mundiales pelearon en 2008

In June 2008, two very young Mexican fighters met in Zapopan, Jalisco, who would become world champions years later: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez vs Miguel “Puppet” Vázquez.

The Canelo, with 18 years, and the Puppet at 21, they faced a fight that only those who were present remembered, and those who saw the records in BoxRec of the two times the two clashed. However, the video with a summary of the second confrontation has reached Youtube, thanks to Raul de la Cruz.

That fight took place on June 28, 2008 when the promoter Hector Garcia presented in the Palenque de Zapopan the evening where the seven brothers would be Álvarez Barragán: Rigoberto, Daniel, Ricardo, Gonzalo, Víctor, Ramón Y Saul.

Canelo Alvarez and the Puppet Vazquez, rivals that day, arrived in equal circumstances in their professional careers, both in record and in age, both very young, and with the same aspiration: to become world champion.

A little less than a month after turning 18, Canelo he was running as the favorite in that lawsuit. He was over two and a half years as a professional boxer, a 19-0-1 record, and had knocked out 15 of his victories.

The Puppet Vazquez He was already 21 when they met in Zapopan. He had fought 23 times and suffered two defeats, the first in his professional debut precisely against Canelo; and the second in July 2007 with Timothy bradley jr for the super lightweight youth scepter of CMB.

Before the start of the fight you could already see the affection of the people towards him best pound for pound of today, because the ovations were for him and the boos for the Puppet. The lawsuit would take place in welterweight, the usual weight of the Canelo at that stage of his career, but a division above the one he was fighting Miguel.

Careful at the start of the fight, little by little the first combinations came out of the fists of both. Canelo looking to be more aggressive, while the Puppet moved around the ring seeking to avoid harm and punish Saul.

In the second round they kept their distance with the jab. The Puppet threw some combination that sought to finish off with punishment to the head of the favorite and taking off some blows from Saul.

Miguel Vazquez He seemed faster with his punching in the third round, a fight in which the volume of hits from both sides was increasing and he went to short ground and various ties in the fifth inning.

Faster and more precise in his strokes he wore the Puppet at the beginning of the sixth episode, in addition to releasing more impacts. However, after the seventh, Canelo he would look better than his opponent.

Attentive to the indications of Chepo Y Eddy reynoso, Canelo began to hit the body of Miguel and rounds seven and eight were the best for Saul.

The variety of blows were impacted on the body of the Puppet. And in the final part of the eighth Canelo he hit the face with at least three straight rights in a row, in addition to finishing the round with a hook.

Visibly tired Canelo he was seen as the fighter who went forward in the final part of the fight in search of victory. In the end, Saul was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

The Puppet Vazquez He even raised the victor’s hands and applauded him in recognition of his victory in the rematch for him. This, despite the fact that he did not achieve the goal and suffered the second setback of his career against it. Canelo.

Canelo and Títere Vázquez: The course followed by two future world champions

After that fight, the Puppet had a streak of 13 wins in a row, including one against Ji Hoon Kim to win the vacant light scepter of the FIB. It was a scepter that he made six defenses of before losing it with Mickey bey on September 13, 2014.

Prior to that title loss, the Puppet Vazquez had said in an interview with ESNEWS that Canelo He had the conditions to be the next great figure in Mexico. However, he felt that in his first lawsuit with Saul the victory had been taken away from him.

“It could be that in the future (Canelo) can be converted, why not, “he said in 2014 Vazquez. “Despite the fights and what has happened, regardless of the fact that the first one I felt that I beat him, I feel that it could become the future of Mexico, why not.”

The Puppet Vazquez He was only a world champion once and is currently 44-10, 17 by way of knockout. He’s away from the big billboards and he’s looking for a headline opportunity. In contrast, the life of the Canelo It is another and it is the present of boxing in Mexico and the world.

In 2011, Canelo beat Matthew hatton to become world champion for the first time, in super welterweight of the CMB. It has been a career that has not stopped being successful until today he became the best Libra for Libra. He is also the man who moves the boxing industry.

He won titles in four divisions (super welter, middle, super middle and light heavy), faced the best in the world. Canelo Today he is the boxer who fills the arenas wherever he performs, just as he did that historic June 28.

Canelo Alvarez vs Puppet Vazquez