Navegantes leaves Leones tended and maintains a fight for the lead in round robin in Venezuela

Engelb Vielma hit a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the ninth inning, and the Navegantes del Magallanes left the Leones del Caracas scattered on the ground, to win 1-0 and continue fighting for the lead in the round robin that awards two tickets to the Final Series of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

With the duel tied scoreless, Ángel Reyes opened the inning by hitting a single to right field, advanced to second with a sacrifice bunt by Alejandro de Aza and took advantage of an uncontrolled pitch by Silvio Bracho to reach the anteroom, from where he took off with the winning run, thanks to Vielma’s sacrifice fly.

Anthony Vizcaya (1-0) retired two scoreless innings in relief work to score the victory. Silvino Bracho (0-1) was defeated, after conceding a hit and the only score of the game in one and a third inning.

At La Guaira, Williams Pérez edged César Jiménez in a tight pitching duel, and the Lara Cardinals defeated the Aragua Tigres 2-1.

Pérez (3-0) maintained his great moment in the postseason and scored another victory with a five-inning effort throwing ball from just one run and five hits. The setback went to Jiménez’s record (0-1), despite allowing only two touchdowns and five hits in six innings.

Juniel Querecuto and Ramón Flores each connected double RBIs in a race.

The Caribes, current champions of the circuit, remain at the top of the round robin with a 6-2 record, followed by Navegantes (6-3), Cardinals (6-3), Tigers (3-6) and Lions (1- 8).