Negociación es complicada por televisoras: Padre del Pitbull Cruz revela obstáculo para pelea con Ryan García

The negotiation to finalize the possible fight between Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz Y Ryan Garcia It will also depend on the television stations, but there is time to achieve it, said the Mexican’s father, Isaac Cruz.

“We are in January, the fight could be for the end of April,” said Don Isaac Cruz in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “So in the time of negotiations it is not in a day, then sign and that’s it, sometimes they are too heavy negotiations.”

Negotiation for Pitbull Cruz vs Ryan García is complicated by television

After the war of tweets that occurred on Thursday between the teams of the Pitbull cross and of Ryan Garcia, one of the most delicate issues of the negotiation came to light: the interests of the television stations and who will broadcast the fight.

Ryan Garcia is managed by Golden Boy Promotions and broadcast on the platform DAZN. The Pitbull, for his part, militates with Manny Pacquiao Promotions, which in turn has a contract with the developer Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), and what happens his fights with Showtime Y FOX.

What’s more, DAZN has a monthly subscription mechanism to watch their fights. Y Showtime, on the other hand, would broadcast the fight on Pay-Per-View. Therefore, the economic models to generate income with the fight vary considerably, according to each one.

“The negotiation is just as complicated by the television stations,” added the coach of the Pitbull. “We are with PBC for Showtime; Ryan with DAZN, with Golden Boy Promotions. So, television stations count a lot. Now yes, as they say, whoever pays, to the highest bidder too ”.

At PBC they don’t want to let go of the Pitbull

He stressed that since they began to transmit to the Pitbull in PBC, property of Al haymonThey wanted to keep the Mexican among their ranks.

“Since it started Isaac to fight with them they did not want to let go “, assured Don Isaac, who reiterated that he respects the processes and that they should be Sean Gibbons or the same Al haymon those who are in charge of negotiating with Golden Boy Promotions the imminent fight of the Pitbull with Ryan.

“This involves a number of negotiations between the higher ranks,” he considered. “In my case, I am a person who knows how to respect codes and agreements, I cannot jump over anyone.”

Photo: Isaac Cruz (Instagram)

Isaac Cruz Sr. has received two calls from Golden Boy

And although on Wednesday he received calls from someone who identified himself as part of the Oscar de la hoya to make him juicy offers, he knows that it is not with him the negotiation.

“Although they called me from Golden boy“, Revealed Cruz Sr. “On Wednesday they made two calls to me, I listen to them and in response to them we answer the call. But the ones who have to fix all this are Gibbons and maybe Al haymon”.