Thomas Morani: "I would like to play for the United States team"

San Diego Legion announced that Thomas Morani will play back in the team this 2022 and the back that emerged in CUBA will have its third season in Major Legue Rugby. In an in-depth chat with Scrum, spoke about the arrival of Matías Freyre, what is share team with Ma´Nonu and other stars and the great goal that was raised for this year: play for the US national team

The 26-year-old center will have Creole company. Matías Freyre signed with the Legion And for the center it is not a minor fact: “With Mati we were lucky to share a team in Houston, where we met and we share a lot together to the point of becoming very good friends. Now we have to share a team here in San Diego. The truth is that when I found out that he was coming to the club I was super happy and we are fully enjoying it ”, Morani told Scrum from San Diego, where he prepares for the season that begins Saturday, February 5.

But it won’t just have Freyre, too Ma’Nonu arrived from New Zealand And for Morani it means having the idol at hand: “The truth is that the arrival of Ma’a Nonu to the team was incredible. He is someone that I admire and look at since I was a child. We both played center and I always looked at it because for me it was the best center in the world. I hope I can share the court with him, but now with training and learning from him I am happy“Said the Argentine about the two-time world champion.

But Ma’Nonu will not be the only glittering presence, since he also will share a dressing room with two great players like Chris Robshaw and Bjorn Basson. “Are great players and great people tooI did not play much with Chris because he was injured, but when he is on the court he is noted with his leadership. With Bjorn I was able to play several games and the truth is that he is a very fast player with a lot of experience that he brings to the backs ”.

By last, surprised when reflecting on this 2022 and said that “I like to have short-term goals that they are being built to reach the main objective. First is to be a starter in the team and have a good season, that obviously leads to winning the tournament. Too I would like to play for the United States team. But without having a good season I don’t think I will have the chance to play for Las Águilas. That is why I propose more short-term objectives in order to achieve long-term ones ”.