Top 14: Perpignan beat Biarritz 25-23 despite Cubelli's try

The Top 14 French not for a single day and this weekend the 15th date is taking place. Biarritz fell for 25-23 versus Perpignan despite the great try he scored Thomas Cubelli. Castres did the same in front of Stade Francais for 15-9 where there was not a single try in the 80 minutes of play. On the other hand, Bourdeaux suffered a lot but was able to stay with the victory against Brive for 22-19. While Lyon it was much higher than Pau and he stayed with the party for 35-10.

The day culminated with the victory of Racing 92 by 33-28 a Clermont, which had Lavanini as the starter. It should be remembered that the meetings of Toulon – La Rochelle Y Toulouse – Montpelier They were suspended for Covid-19 cases in some players.

BIARRITZ 23-25 ​​PERPIGNAN (Saturday)

In a highly even match that was defined by details, Perpignan a stupendous victory was brought on his visit to Biarritz for 25-23 moving away from the last positions of the tournament. Thomas Cubelli He started in the local team and made an excellent try where, a few meters from the opposite ingoal, he managed to deceive his rivals and found the necessary hole to dive without problems. Despite the Argentine conquest, Biarritz could not find the turn and Perpignan he took advantage of every opportunity to score points on his visit to the 22 meter. With 10 minutes to go and when everything seemed to be finished, the locals managed to reach their second try at the hands of Barnabé Couilloud staying two points apart. When 74 minutes of play went, Biarritz was put up on the scoreboard as a result of a penalty of Brett herron but Perpignan He was able to react in time and, also by way of the penalty, managed to turn around and seal the result.


Castres was more effective and outperformed Stade Francais for 15-9 in a game where he was defined only with kicks. What stood out the most in both teams was the good defense they had, which made it difficult for their rival to pass the 22 meters and thus prevented tries from being converted. What was not very good was the discipline on the part of both and thus made that the only points that are marked in the scoreboard are by penalties to the sticks. For Castres, which did not have Urdapilleta on the payroll, Benjamin Frano Kenny Botica was in charge of scoring four penalties while Julien Dumora managed to make a big drop. On the side of Stade Francais, Joris Segonds he scored all the points from three penalties.

BRIVE 19-22 BOURDEAUX (Saturday)

Bourdeaux he continues on the winning path and this time he surpassed Brive for 22-19. The match was extremely close, where it was difficult for both teams to find the holes necessary to score various tries. Even the visiting cast could only mark a conquest in the hands of Cameron woki, but Maxime lucu He brought out his kicking ability in front of the sticks and scored five penalties and a conversion. In the last minutes, Brive realized that he could hurt his opponent but it was late and they failed to score points even to tie the scoreboard. Bourdeaux He is still at the top of the tournament alone and will depend on himself to be the first of the Top 14.

LYON 35-10 PAU (Saturday)

Lyon became strong at home and beat without any problem Pau for 35-10 showing what this is playing Top 14. Particularly in this match, the local team got all the points as a result of converted tries. These conquests were made by: Jordan taufua, twice, Josua Tuisova, Davit niniashvili Y Colby Fainga’A. On the side of Pau, did not have his best game from the offensive side, but the defense of Lyon It was one of the best that was seen in this Top 14 and made him only able to score a single try made by Martin Puech.

RACING 92 33-28 CLERMONT (Saturday)

In a game of many irregularities with the ball, Racing 92 found a way to bend Clermont and he won by 33-28. During much of the match, the visiting team was up on the scoreboard as a result of the local making many mistakes. In the second half, Racing He started better, he was able to accentuate himself on the playing field by deploying all the resources he has at his disposal. The tries converted for the winning cast were: Maxime machenaud, Teddy thomas, Anthime hemery Y Wenceslas lauret. While on the other side they conquered the Ingoal: Damian Penaud, George moala Y Etienne fourcade.