Oleksandr Usyk, Bob Arum y Tyson Fury

Sergey lapin, part of the coaches corps of Oleksandr Usyk, assured that if the Ukrainian fought with Tyson fury it would be like a chess battle.

“If this fight between Usyk Y Fury it happens, it will be a battle between two fighters with very high IQs, “he said. Lapin in interview with MyBettingSites. “It will be more like a game of chess, victory will be in the hands of the one who performs the best and takes advantage of their productivity. Hopefully we find something interesting soon.

Lapin He affirmed that the Ukrainian’s team would have no problem visiting England if the unification is finally achieved.

“Maybe it can be the United Kingdom or maybe Saudi Arabia“, he pointed Sergey. “Usyk he’s ready for anything, especially if he has the opportunity to unify at heavyweights at the table. “

In the team of Usyk They also accepted that their fighter has a huge advantage over the other competitors in the heavyweight division, even though he was a fighter who went from cruiserweight to heavyweight. Also, they cracked the key to win.

“The advantage he has against the other heavyweight boxers is his ability to box, that’s worth gold,” he said. “Boxing is an art and there are always different styles. The one of Fury It is something dirty, but if he can get around it without a doubt that victory will be his ”.

The chess battle between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk

Lapin recalled that the triumph of Usyk on British soil caused the conversation to change from one moment to the next in the heavyweights, after several months there was a fight between Fury Y Joshua.

“If you remember a year ago, the fans were waiting to unify the heavyweights between Joshua Y Tyson fury, but in a moment everything changed ”, he recalled. “At this point I believe that everything is possible, everything keeps changing as the days go by. The battle to unify would be great, it is something that has not been done in 20 years ”.